Domain Gauffroy (21 – Burgundy)

"Ille terrarum mihi propter omnes angulus ridet"
Ce petit coin de terre me sourit entre tous…

This extract from a Latin poet engraved on the front portorico of a Meursault grower's old house could not be more suitable.

With vineyards producing great white wines, Meursault is a village, full of charm and history, situated South of Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy.
Wine that need sharing.The land's rich generosity and the skill of the vinegrower combine to offer true wines of "terroir" to the world.
Troughout history, wines from Meursault have been present on the most illustrious tables as well as on the humblest. A choice of First Growths : Perrières, Charmes, Genevrières, Bouchèros, Gouttes d'Or, ...

These exceptionnal white wines are born by the union of the Chardonnay grape and the unique geological make-up of the Côte de Beaune hillside. The wine's bouquet is heady and intense. To the taste, they are rich and full-hodied with great mellowness. Their long after-taste is impressive. They have always been aged in oak-barrels.

Meursault white wines can last and develop over 8 to 15 years. During this time, their aromas become ever more intense and their flavour unforgetrable. Meursault also produces red wines, quite rare and of fine breed, Made from Pinot Noir grapes, they are stylish and powerful.

Among the riches of Meursault, between the majestic spire of St Nicola's chrurch and the vantage point of the St. Christophe's "mountain" lie the beautiful domaine vineyards, as well as roads, small lanes, historic lavoirs (wash-house), streams, gardens as well as the magnificent Hotel de Ville (town-hall) with its colourful, varnished roof-tiles.

In 1900 Madame Marguerite Perreaux, the wife of Paul Gauffroy, owned several vineyards in Meursault. They were then shared between her two sons, Paul and Robert.
In 1938, Paul started to expand his vineyard estate. Today his son Marc looks after his own vineyards with the help of his wife. Their daily work together is the result of many years experience, where the essential tasks are carried out only by family members.

Since 2000, Nicolas, representing the 4th generation, has progressively acquired this "savoir-faire" which, in the years to come, wille continue to cultivate the confidence of this clients.
It is in these cellars we age our wines in oak barrels for 18 months minimum. In this way, they undergo the malolactic fermentation slowly, wich permits us to obtain great wines suitable for bottle-ageing.

Find the Gauffroy Domaine Marc & Sons, collecting owner at the following address :


5, Rue de la Goutte d’Or
Mr GAUFFROY : +33(0)6 80 88 07 56
Ms GAUFFROY : +33(0)7 85 21 47 88

But because of our work outside, thank you to contact us before you go to the field.


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5, rue de la Goutte d’Or – 21190 Meursault
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